Friday, June 16, 2017

End of the year wrap up

Students were given detailed final exam guides to help them.   Scores are consistent with students' overall grades.

I wish all my Freshman and Sophomore students a great summer.

Mrs. Olsen will be in Boston this summer studying 17th century interactions between Indians and settlers...the best part is that she will learn more history "stuff" and great teaching hints to help her next year in the classroom.  Plus:  her ancestors lived in the same area, and one of them was killed in an Indian War, "King Phillip's War,"  so it will be of double interest for her.

Mrs. Olsen is also a member of the Library Board and is encouraging students to visit the library for some great reading books.  Teens have their own separate section of the library---and it really has wonderful selections and great DVDS.

See you in a few months!