Sunday, June 9, 2013

This summer, the Transcontinental Railroad

Mrs. Olsen is sorry to see her Freshman students go...they have a been a super group of kids!  As usual, she says good bye to her seniors (sob) and her great mix of students from her Reading Your Way Through History Class.

She gave out the study guide for the Freshman Final Exam in class three weeks ago.  There have been numerous reminders about the exam, some class time given to study, and extra copies given out to those students who misplaced the exam guide.  Every student has been well equipped to pass the I hope all do well.  Some of the exam will be on readings, some on the test guide, and five questions will be on visual images.

This summer, Mrs. Olsen is again going to be spending some time learning about things that will help her be a better teacher in the fall.  She received a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to study the Transcontinental Railroad in Sacramento, California. This should help her to have a better idea about this momentous event to help teach incoming Freshman students in the fall.  Ninth Grade student learned about the building of the railroad in a very brief hopefully she'll come back with more interesting info on this nation shaping event.