Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faberge and the lost world of the Russian Romanov family...

Students in 9th grade history are learning about World War I and the Russian Revolution.  We spend a slide show learning about the Romanovs, the last royal family of Russia.  They will also see in afilm, Rasputin, how the Tsars' bad decisions let to the downfall of the dynasty...and some brutal deaths.

Peter Carl Faberge was the court jeweler to the Romanov family.  Faberge was originally from Baltic Germany, and the Faberge firm was known for their use of precious and semi-precious gemstones, often in whimsical ways.  Since Easter was a major holiday in the Russian Orthodox calendar, eggs were made from precious materials, with different themes, and given to various members of the royal family.

Those are some fancy Easter eggs...most of the eggs are now in the Russian state museums, but Queen Elizabeth of England also owns the greatest number outside of Russia.

The Russian Royal eggs are tinged with sadness....a time when Russia oppressed its poor and communist cells plotted to take over the government. It all came tumbling down into a chaotic revolution that took hundreds of thousands of lives.