Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Back!

Mrs. Olsen is happy to be back teaching school this fall.  She will be teaching 5 sections of Twentieth Century I and one section of Twentieth Century II.   For the new 9th graders...welcome to High School!   For the returning 10th graders, the nightmare continues (just kidding).  After 13 years of teaching AP European History, she's taking a break and focusing on World History.   Every year she goes somewhere interesting to learn about a topic that will help her to be a better teacher.

This year, she was in Leesburg, Virginia with some teachers from Germany.  They were learning about the Marshall plan and the rebuilding of Europe after the destruction of World War II.  She even had dinner at Marshall's dining room table, where Presidents Truman and Eisenhower had sat.  The most important thing she learned was that Europeans still express appreciation for the generosity of the American Economic Plan.   You can see some of her pictures from the workshop on her Instagram: SigridAnnOlsen.  She also spent some time in the parks, rivers, and beaches of Oregon.

But enough of that: fall and the time to learn is upon us.  You can expect to have every class be full of interesting tasks and lots of learning.  We'll be starting with the Industrial Revolution with the 9th graders and the Cold War with the 10th grade.