Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nitty Gritty New York City and the Ash Can School of art

Students in 9th grade are learning about the conditions in the large cities of America.  Many of the difficult conditions of these cities prompted reforms that made life better for all Americans.  For example, we can see the "park" movement here in Salem and Portland with Bush Park and Laurelhurst Park. 

Many artists chose to document life in the big city at the turn of the century.  Life was gritty and crowded.  The ashcan artists documented this urban environment. 

One of the most famous pictures shows a boxing match...and boy, it is a pretty riveting picture.  It was painted by George Bellows and deliberately blurred to show movement.   You can't even see the man's face as he's beaten to a pulp!  It looks kind of like a blurry blob!  Yes, this iconic painting is called Stag night at Sharkey's--and is located in the Cleveland Museum of Art.