Thursday, May 15, 2014

Afghanistan Girl.....

In 10th grade history, we are fast approaching the end of the year.  I posted the picture of the Afghan girl from the National Geographic outside my door.  I am always surprised to see students stop and read about her.  They talk about how different she looks.

No one really can ever forget her beautiful eyes....but after twenty years, her life had exposed her to the sun and open fires, hard work and the trials that await so many women of the 'global south.'  You can read about her story here:

 This month, I'll be attending an Global Girl Empowerment conference up in Portland.  Last year's conference was on the African continent. 

I have also been encouraging my female students to speak up more in class.  The recent ban bossy movement promoted by Sheryl Sandberg highlighted how girls are often asked to speak less often in class.  Since I've instated a few of these changes, the BOYS are now telling me to make sure I ask the GIRLS like I committed to when I discussed this with them.