Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crimean Peninsula

With Crimea's decision to join the Russian Federation, we have spent some time discussing border changes in class.  The other day, I stood in front of the map, during period 6, and colored it yellow (Russia).  Students asked about the dark line between the Czech Republic and Slovakia...and I explained the Velvet revolution.

Then they asked about the dark line at the bottom of Yugoslavia...again I explained about Kosovo's independence.  Now I just placed a line at the top of the Crimean Peninsula.  At Sprague, we have quite a few Ukrainian and Russian of my students was even born in Yalta...the site of the 1945 conference. 

This is an exciting time for Russia, not so much for the Ukraine.  Students will be learning about other border changes---as we move in the annexations of Germany during the 1930's.  Catherine the Great was thrilled to finally get her port on the Black Sea....and I have always thought that Crimea should be a part of Russia.  Still, it is interesting to see these historic changes come about....