Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School and back to history

Mrs. Olsen is excited for a new school year.  She spent the summer doing household repairs.  She built a fence, a gate, a new deck and stairs, all by herself.  Usually she travels and learns about history for her students, but this year, if she didn't do that.   After all, if she hadn't done the repairs on her deck she may have fallen through it this November and done serious harm to herself or even died.

Thankfully, she doesn't have any intention of dying this way.  She wants to keel over in class, in front of her students, so they will have something to talk about the rest of their lives.

If that doesn't happen, she would like to be chased by a Grizzly Bear, or eaten by a Shark, which would also give her students something to talk about.  If that is not possible, a buffalo stampede would be sufficient, and definitely an historic way to would even fit in with the "Settling the West" unit that will be part of students' studies in December.

The best part, however, is that she is alive and well and back teaching 9th grade and 10 grade history.  Teaching history is her life and for the students of Sprague High School that means a fun filled year of interesting topics from the time period of 1865-1945 for 9th graders and 1945-2016 for 10th graders.  

During the year, students will get to hold in their hands historic artifacts and learn about history through reading, looking at, and listening to history.  Last year, Mrs. Olsen was especially proud of the FACT or OPINION activities developed for students to discuss.   Students will always have something new to learn in her class. 

This year, she is also going to update the blog every week for both 9th and 10th grade classes to help them keep track of what is going on.

Here's to a great year at Sprague!