Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome back, 2014!

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another great year in Mrs. Olsen's history classes.

This year I'll be teaching freshman history and AP European history.

Every summer, Mrs. Olsen goes somewhere interesting to learn more about history and make her a better teacher.  This year, she studied the nuclear industry that developed at the Hanford site near the tri cities of Washington state.

She even got to tour the B2 reactor where the plutonium was produced for Trinity (the test site) and Nagasaki bombs.  It was interesting and sad at the same time.  I even saw where the plant was disconnected as the cold war came to an end.  Seeing a nuclear power plant up close was pretty interesting.

I don't think I received any radiation, but if my hair starts to frizz, let me know!

Though most of our work is done in class, I will be putting an update on the website, so click on the left for your class work.